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Conn Maciel Carey

Conn Maciel Carey is a boutique law firm focused on Labor & Employment, Workplace Safety, and Litigation. The clients we serve — from multi-national organizations to individuals — seek us out for strategic guidance ranging from day-to-day employment counseling to managing government regulatory investigations to leading complex litigation. What sets us apart is our special emphasis on workplace challenges, our creativity in crafting positive solutions, and our passion for serving our clients’ interests.

Conn Maciel Carey’s national Labor & Employment Practice Group represents employers in all aspects of the employment relationship. The firm works to create dynamic solutions for difficult workplace challenges facing employers. Our litigators defend employers in lawsuits filed in both federal and state courts. We also advise unionized and non-unionized workplaces regarding management’s rights under federal labor law.

Conn Maciel Carey has experiences litigation counsel ready to step in when formal judicial proceedings, mediation or arbitration become necessary to resolve a claim or dispute. With many decades of experience among its lawyers, the firm stands ready to assist our clients in nearly any kind of workplace case, whether an employment matter, OSHA proceeding, or commercial dispute.

Workplace Safety and a maze of OSHA and other related regulations and laws, as well as milti-agency inspections, months-long investigations and significant enforcement actions can make or break any company. Add in state and local regulations, along with the need to ensure that employees are regularly trained and working in compliance with internal policies and OSHA’s regulations, and a company can easily drown in safety matters.

Practice Areas:
Litigation, Labor and Employment, OSHA, MSHA

Our Featured Attorneys:
Eric J. ConnKara M. MacielJordan SchwartzAaron R. Gelb

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Practice Areas